Branded Uniform Jeans will Compliment Any Uniform


The world most popular trouser is the perfect addition to any uniform

There’s no denying the popularity of jeans. They’re everywhere. It’s not surprising really considering their comfort, durability and stylish looks. It really does make sense that you should use jeans in your hospitality uniform.

A Fashionable Favourite.

The popularity of the Jean isn’t something new. You probably have an image of cowboys on the range in their blue jeans and you’d be right. Originally made for cow hands and miners it wasn’t until the 1950’s that they started to become popular as a fashion statement.

Now worn all over the world jeans are an essential part of many uniforms from the hospitality trade to building sites.

What makes them so popular?

For one thing they’re comfortable. If you’re working a long shift on your feet all day jeans are the perfect choice. They’re also very fashionable blending in with many uniform styles. Add the fact of durability and it’s hard to see a downside.

Save money with branding.

Jeans can easily be embroidered but a more effective way of making them tax exempt is tax tabbing. With the addition of a small descrete logo sewn into a pocket or waistband you save on the vat when purchasing for your uniform.

Kylemark supply jeans to many customers including Restaurant Associates and Itsu but tax tabs can be added to any garment to make a tax exempt uniform.

The savy choice.

So, if you’re wanting something that will last at a resonable price. A pair of jeans are the only choice. We can supply fashionable skinny’s or your more traditional looser fits depending on what style your staff feel most comfortable in.

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