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We Cater For All Sectors Where A Branded Uniform Is Required To Promote Your Company Image And Team Spirit

Kylemark offer a wide range of uniforms for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Café and Chefs kitchens in the hospitality sector, as well as Leisure Centres, Office and Receptions, Salon and Beauty. Industrial Workwear for Service Engineers, Logistics Company’s, Warehouse operatives, Factory Workers are all well catered for. The list is endless.

Personalising your Staff Uniform by embroidering or printing your company logo is a tried and tested way to promote your brand and create a strong team bond with your staff. Kylemark has an In-House Embroidery and Printing facility which can process over 1000 garments per day. This ensures your staff uniform performs as good as it looks and is delivered within a short time scale at an economical cost.


Embroidery is by far the most popular for of branding. It’s ideal for reproducing anything from a simple one colour logo to complex multi coloured designs. Hard wearing and able to withstand multiple washes, embroidery lasts the test of time better than any other branding process. With no minimum order and a low set-up cost it’s first choice for most of our customers.

Transfers & Heat Seal

We use the highest quality screen printed transfers which come in a range of styles to ensure compatibility with every garment. The kind we use will be dependent on type of fabric, complexity of design and volume. Together we can decide which method will work best for you. Whether it’s Screen Printing, Digital Print, Cad Cut or Heat Seal Transfers, we will produce everything in house giving us great control over the whole processes.

Leather Embossing

This process gives a superb 3-dimensional look to leather products.

We create a metal die stamp which is then heated and pneumatic pressed into the leather to give a relief of your emblem or logo. This is a very classy way of enhancing your brand image on leather garments.

Tax Tabbing

Tax Tabbing is a simple way of making logo free uniforms tax exempt. Including this subtle form of branding changes the uniform class from staff ‘fringe benefit’ and hence taxable to tax free ‘work wear’. These tabs can be attached to a wide variety of garments in various positions and are ideal for corporatewear.

Why Do Most Organizations Large & Small Prefer To Have A Designated Uniform?

5 Good Reasons:

Industry Standards

Certain industries such as Retailers, Hotels, Health Clubs, Home Care Services, Reception Staff which are focused on serving the customer face to face. These industries demand that the workforce look part of a unified team eager to serve the customer, so the role of staff uniform is very important. Uniform helps Staff to be instantly identifiable, pleasant, and confident.

Uniform Is A Perk

No need to worry about what to wear to work. Low cost to the employer, no cost to the employee. Tax exempt, No P11D and 100% allowable to the company against profits.

A Sense Of Belonging And Team Spirit

Being part of a recognized team helps to ensure loyalty, confidence, a feeling of well being and a common goal


Staff Uniform allows everyone to feel equal and together in the team, male or female, young or old.


If You’re Still Not Sure On Which Process Is For You, The Kylemark Team Will Keep You On The Right Track.

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