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Hospitality Ties Scarves Staff - Uniforms

Ties and Scarves

An extensive selection of ties and scarves to compliment your uniform. Coming in various patterns and colours, you can choose from traditional or modern to finish off your corporate or hospitality look.


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  1. Premier Work Tie
    Premier Work Tie
    As low as £8.00
  2. Premier Bow Tie
    Premier Bow Tie
    As low as £9.20
  3. Premier Clip on Tie
    Premier Clip on Tie
    As low as £9.10
  4. Premier 'Colours' Scarf
    Premier 'Colours' Scarf
    As low as £11.40
  5. Premier 'Colours' Chiffon Scarf
    Premier 'Colours' Chiffon Scarf
    As low as £10.40
  6. Premier 'Colours' Satin Tie
    Premier 'Colours' Satin Tie
    As low as £10.90
  7. Premier 'Colours' Satin Clip Tie
    Premier 'Colours' Satin Clip Tie
    As low as £11.80
  8. Premier Multi Stripe Tie
    Premier Multi Stripe Tie
    As low as £11.40
  9. Premier 'Colours' Fashion Tie
    Premier 'Colours' Fashion Tie
    As low as £10.90
  10. Premier Micro Waffle Tie
    Premier Micro Waffle Tie
    As low as £11.40
  11. Premier Micro Dot Tie
    Premier Micro Dot Tie
    As low as £11.40
  12. Premier Double Stripe Tie
    Premier Double Stripe Tie
    As low as £11.40
  13. Premier Waffle Stripe Tie
    Premier Waffle Stripe Tie
    As low as £11.40
  14. Premier Sports Stripe Tie
    Premier Sports Stripe Tie
    As low as £11.40
  15. Premier 'Colours' Fashion Clip Tie
    Premier 'Colours' Fashion Clip Tie
    As low as £11.80
  16. Premier Club Stripe Tie
    Premier Club Stripe Tie
    As low as £11.40
  17. Premier Puppy Tooth Tie
    Premier Puppy Tooth Tie
    As low as £11.40
  18. Premier Squares Tie
    Premier Squares Tie
    As low as £11.40
  19. Premier Slim Knitted Tie
    Premier Slim Knitted Tie
    As low as £14.60
  20. Premier Slim Tie
    Premier Slim Tie
    As low as £11.40

Kylemark Staff Uniforms

We specialise in branding, manufacturing and supply of staff uniform for all industries including;

Hospitality & Catering, Business & Corporate, Workwear & Industrial, & Health Salon & Beauty.

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Have your company logo or text added to your garments. This can be embroidered, printed or embossed.

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