A great selection of florist uniforms to fit any style.

It really is essential for any florist to have a durable, warm and fashionable uniform. Often working in cold environments it needs to be functional but still pleasing to the eye getting over your corporate look.

Layering is a great way to get a practical uniform. Something that can adapt to the surroundings and task. So what do you need?


An Apron of Choice

An apron is a must for any florist. Whether you want a standard front shop or a more utilitarian design with plenty of pockets, we can help you find the right fit.

Our own Country Collection range of aprons fit well. These UK made aprons come in organic earthy colours with contrast halters and ties. The antique brass metalwork to compliments the design.

These aprons are available in a range different styles and sizes including crossback, long bistro and mini waist giving you great choice to mix and match.

The standard aprons come with a slant hip pocket but as the County Collection is made in our own factory there is scope to customise. Extra pockets for your tools are an option and we can normally accomodate what you need. All pockets are bar tacked for extra strength.

The final part to this is the branding. We would always advise embroidery. It’s robust, hard wearing and won’t fade over time. You can have suprisingly detailed designs showing off your logo at its best.

We also have a large selection of off the shelf aprons in a broad range of styles, fabrics and colours. Also not forgetting our own leather range of bibs and waist aprons.

Keeping Warm and Dry in Style

When you come to the rest of the uniform we can help get you the look you want paired with functionality. Whether in a hot summer day it’s a T-shirt or roll sleeve blouse to mid winter where it could be a softshell or fleece; we can help with it all.

As you’d expect natural and rustic paterns and colours are popular. Denims and checks look great giving a classy feel to a uniform.

It Won’t Break the Bank

After an initial cost to create your embroidery pattern you will find the cost per item isn’t as much as you think. Costs are on a sliding scale; the more you get the cheaper per logo. We use the latest technology and running eight head machines helps keep down running times and therefore the price to you.

Use Our Experience

Kylemark has over 24 years experience in the uniform trade and we can help you with your entire uniform. Whatever size of company you are; whether a one man stall holder or a multi site national company.

So, why not give us a call on 01292 618344 to have a chat or just drop us an email.